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What is the difference between the Studio Membership and Drop-in Lessons? 

In the Studio Membership, students pay a monthly flat rate for one lesson per week. Pricing differs depending on the student’s payment method. Students are guaranteed 40 lessons for the studio year, which spans September through August. There are more than 40 weeks between those months, which allows for the studio to be closed for holidays. In addition, this schedule allows teachers to cancel up to three lessons (without makeups) throughout the year.

Membership students enjoy special perks such as discounted classes, workshops, access to our digital library, and members-only events. They are invited to participate in festivals, competitions, auditions, master classes, and multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. 

Our Drop-In Lessons option allows students to schedule lessons with their preferred teacher on an as-needed basis. Teacher availability is not guaranteed, and there is no set lesson frequency or number to commit to. Prices vary per teacher. Drop-In Lessons are not recommended for beginners.

What are the benefits of the Studio Membership?

As a member, students are given a consistent, weekly opportunity to work on their craft and continue their growth. Muscle memory is a huge part of learning, and for students—especially young learners—regular lessons contribute to seeing (and celebrating!) their practicing habits and muscle memory at work. 

The Musik Makers membership also includes discounts on studio trips, workshops, camps, masterclasses, group classes and additional lessons. Membership perks extend to family discounts, alternative assignments, and zoom alternatives for dedicated members who can’t make their lessons.

Is my student allowed to change teachers in the Studio Membership?  

Yes. They must contact the studio by the 24th of the month in order to allow for processing time.
Our teachers also work collaboratively and meet regularly to discuss the growth of our students, so you also have the ability to work with different instructors for supplemental instruction

How does billing and payment differ between the Studio Membership and Drop-in Lessons? Do you have auto-pay?

The Studio Membership is billed at a flat monthly rate, while drop-ins are charged per lesson. Prices vary per teacher.

Auto-pay is a requirement of the studio, and is s a convenient way to ensure students never fall behind, miss a payment, or face late fees. It is extremely easy to set up within our student portal—just the click of a button! We accept payment via bank draft or credit card, and we offer discounted rates for accounts set up through bank draft.

When will my account be charged? How long do I have to pay my balance? What are the late fees?

Monthly Studio Membership and individual class charges come through on the first of every month. Drop-in lessons are charged at the time of scheduling. Balances must be paid by the 1st of the month. Overdue Balances are assessed a $25 late fee on the 15th and 30th of the month until the balance is paid in full.

What happens if a teacher cancels a lesson?

For our Studio Membership: Teachers may cancel five lessons during the studio year without having to make those up.  A teacher may also offer a virtual lesson in place of an in person lesson on occasion if necessary. Teachers may also call upon a substitute teacher, in which case your lesson will continue as planned. If your teacher cancels more than their five allowed flex lessons, they will provide either a substitute or a make up lesson within 30 days.

For our Drop-in Students: If a drop-in lesson is canceled by a teacher, the student’s account will be credited, and that credit can be used for their next scheduled lesson. 

What happens if a student cancels a lesson? How can it be made up?

For our Studio Membership: There will be no makeup lessons for student cancellations. If you must cancel a lesson, please do so on by emailing us at themusikmakers@themusikmakers.org and send a text to our studio phone at 610-217-5293. Although we do not provide makeups, our teachers will provide a video or asynchronous assignment to keep students active between lessons.

For our Drop-in Students: You are able to cancel your lesson up to 48 hours before your lesson time via the student portal without being charged and with the ability to reschedule. Any lessons canceled within the 48-hour window will be charged.

What do I do if my student is going to be late to their lesson? How late can they be?

Please notify your teacher ASAP via the student portal or email if you are running late. After 15 minutes, the lesson will be forfeited. For Studio Membership students, the teacher will provide a video lesson, asynchronous lesson, or alternative assignment.

If my child is sick, do the same cancellation rules still apply?

Yes. If your child misses their lesson due to illness, the same cancellation policies apply, but we will happily provide zoom lesson or asynchronous assignment.

What happens if the studio is closed due to inclement weather?

If the studio is closed due to inclement weather, you will be contacted by email and the Remind app. You can also check our social media for updates. Lessons for that day will be provided via zoom or an asynchronous lesson will be designed for the student.
A student may also opt to take one of our Specialty Workshops for Free in lieu of an online/asynchronous lesson.

Are virtual lessons an option?

Yes! At times, teachers may even need to make lessons virtual due to performance obligations health concerns, or inclement weather. Lesson fees are the same for virtual lessons.

What if my student doesn’t want to continue lessons?

If you wish to disenroll, please fill out our disenrollment form no later than the 24th of the month before the month you wish to stop lessons. 

For Studio Membership students: By disenrolling, you acknowledge that The Musik Makers bills on a monthly basis, so no refunds can be made and no changes to your account will take effect until the 1st of the following month. 

What performance opportunities come with being a Musik Maker?

The Musik Makers studio holds two studio-wide recitals each year in the Winter and Spring, with many other opportunities available throughout the year. We are often asked to perform in community events, and our staff is always looking for or even creating performance opportunities for our students.

Are there any required events throughout the school year?

While there are no required events for being a Musik Maker, we do offer a wide variety of competition and public performance opportunities that students are always encouraged to participate in.

Where should my child be dropped off for their lesson?

The studio is located at 165 S. Liberty Street in Nazareth, PA.

Parents of students in 7th grade and older can park in the front of the studio, and students may go around the back along the path behind the garage. Their teacher will meet them on the patio. Please only use the path along the garage and not the other side of the property. 

For parents of students in 6th grade and younger, we ask that you pick up and drop off your child on the patio.

Occasionally classes/lessons will be held at the Nazareth Center for the Arts at 30 E Belvidere Street just a half mile from the studio. Families/Students will be notified of all locations via the Location Feature in the Student Portal

What supplies does my child need for their lessons/classes?

While this may vary by teacher, you can expect to need, at the very least, a folder or three-ring binder for music. If a student is not able to obtain one, we can provide one from the studio.  Each student should bring a device to record their lesson with as well as a bottle of water.  Students will have to purchase assigned books and repertoire when necessary, but can also utilize our library as needed.

Is my child ONLY allowed to learn one style or method if they take lessons? What other styles can they work on?

No! We are proud to teach a wide variety of musical styles, and we encourage our students to explore any and all styles that interest them. Our vocal teachers are trained in multiple specialities of the voice. Musical theatre, pop, classical, folk, country, r&b, rock and more are all welcome. We don’t rely on just one method of teaching; our teachers use various methodologies and pedagogies so we can to meet the learning needs of each individual student.

How can I contact my student’s teacher or the studio?

Teacher contact information can be found on the student and parent portal. We highly recommend using the portal or the email address the teacher has provided.

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