We’re passionate about your progress.

Here at The Musik Makers, we go above and beyond to provide opportunities for our students to grow as musicians, performers, and people. In addition to private lessons, we offer focused supplemental programs designed to expand your horizons and build a versatile skill set that will serve you no matter where your art takes you.

We’re passionate about your progress.

We strive to get to know who our students are, and not just what they do, by listening to their needs and finding creative path to keep you on track to achieve your personal and performance goals

You are more than your instrument — you are a musician and an artist. In addition to honing your craft, your lessons include essential musicianship and self-care training through tools like mindfulness, listening activities, yoga, body mapping, and more.

We                the Whole

We                the Whole


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In our Studio, you’re a           not a 



In our Studio,
you’re a           not a 

Get ready to learn from the best. Our team of highly-skilled professionals customizes your lessons to support your unique art and your even more unique heart. In addition to their own performance endeavors, we support our instructors’ growth through professional development opportunities and access to networks and affiliations worldwide.

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Danielle Radomski-Parent

My daughter loves her voice lessons. The improvement in her singing and voice health has been huge, and her passion for singing has grown at the same time. The teachers are amazing and put in so much time and effort with lessons and fun activities like zoom rooms. I highly recommend The Musik Makers studio.

Kathy Kurczeski-Parent

This is an amazing studio of professional, warm, and nurturing teachers who strive to meet every student where they are. They offer flexible lessons, easy scheduling, and lots of 'extra' studio fun and activities to keep students engaged and involved. We are so thankful to have found Rebecca and The Musik Makers Studio!

Alicia Pfaff-Professional Performer

After training with many voice teachers over the last 30 years, I can confidently say Rebecca is the best voice teacher I’ve ever worked with. She understands voice as a sport/physical activity just as well as she understands it as an art form. Rebecca helped me get my voice into better shape than ever — I was cast as a lead in the very first paid musical I auditioned for after resuming my professional career.

Jonathan Lutz-Parent

We enrolled both of our daughters in virtual piano classes recently & couldn't be happier with the quality of instruction. They make learning exciting & do a wonderful job nurturing a lifelong love for music. Highly recommended!!!

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